Guntur Dt. External Evaluation of SA3 (8th/9th(100%) &( 6th/7th(5%)) Spot - Orders Dt. 15-04-2017


Present:: Sri.N.Raghu Kumar,M.Sc.,M.Ed.,

Proc. Re. Spll/DCEB/2017                                                                  Dated: 15-04-2017

Sub:     School  Education  -   Implementation  of  Examination  Reforms  -  External Evaluation of SA3 - Orders - Issued - Reg.

Ref:-    Proc. Re. 3/B/C&T/SCERT/2016, dated   02.03.2017 of the Director, SCERT. AP, Arnaravathi


                       All the Deputy Educational Officers, Mandal Educational Officers and Headmasters of High Schools and UP Schools in the district are informed that, it is decided to conduct 100% external evaluation of SA 3 for 8th and 9th classes and 5% external evaluation for 6th and 7th classes from 15.04.2017 to 20.04.2017.

           In this connection all the Mandal Educational Officers are instructed to conduct the above said evaluation camp for 8th\ 9th classes(100% external evaluation) , 6th and 7th ( 5% external evaluation) classes from 15.04.2017 to 20.04.2017 at Mandal Head quarters duly

following below guidelines for the smooth conduct of the procedure.

  • All Recognized .schools by Government of Andhra Pradesh shall be covered irrespective of managements
  •  Appoint sufficient qualified and experienced teachers as Assist Examiners. 3. Involve qualified and experienced private school teachers for validation work.
  •  Plan to complete validation of all subjects answer scripts in the stipulated time
  •  MEO is the Nodel officer/ Camp Officer for validation work and Dy.E.Os should supervise the entire work.
  • Remuneration will be paid as per the guidelines of SCERT, AP Hyderabad
Further All the Deputy Educational Officers are instructed to supervise the entire work in their jurisdiction without fail and all Headmasters are requested to relieve the concerned subject teachers who are appointed as Asst Examiners by Mandal Educational officers.

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