Rc.No.117 Dt. 18-3.-17 Implementation of Ananda Lahari Abhyasana (ALA) in 114 Double Teacher Primary Schools in Guntur District – Identification of ALA Demo Schools in the Mandal – Certain instruction

Present: A.Ramesh Kumar, M.A(Litt), M.A(Psy), M.A(SW).,

Rc.No.117/AMO/2017                                                                  Dt. 18/03/2017
Sub: SSA, Guntur – PEMANDU Lab initiative – Implementation of Ananda Lahari Abhyasana (ALA) in 114 Double Teacher Primary Schools in Guntur District – Identification of ALA Demo Schools  in the Mandal – Certain instruction  Issued.
Ref: Rc.No.11/C/C&T/SCERT/2016, Dt.06.03.2017 of the Commissioner of School Education, A.P,  Amaravathi.
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The attention of all the Mandal Educational Officer in the District in invited to the subject read above that as the part of implementing PEMANDU Lab initiative the Government of Andhra Pradesh has accorded permission to introduce the Multi Grade and Multi Level (MGML) pedagogy of Rishi Valley Institute, Chittor District in primary schools to address the challenge of Multi Grade Teaching in Double Teacher schools. The programme aims to cover all the double teachers schools in a phased  manner.
Accordingly, it is planned to introduce the pedagogy in 114 double teacher primary schools in the district. The programme is named ANANDA LAHARI ABHYASANA in short form it is “ALA”. Out of 114 schools across the district 4 schools i.e., One School in each district is treated as ALA Demo School.
To introduce the Pedagogy in Demo Schools first, then to the rest of the ALA schools, it is planned to train 8 Master Trainers and 8 Demo School Teachers at Rishi Valley School, Chittoor district (Training is going on). In this context the Mandal Educational Officers in the district are requested to  select
2 double teacher schools in each mandal hereafter to be called as “ALA Schools” while selecting the schools the MEOs should follow the criteria for selecting schools as below and choose the school in the   annexure.

Criteria for the selection of ALA Demo   Schools:
1.   It must be a Primary School with two  teachers
2.   Minimum enrolment of class 1 and 2 together should be 20 to 30.
3.   School should have good infrastructural facility with spacious class rooms.
4.   It should be located nearer to the divisional head quarter which is convenient to the ALA school trainees and also Training   center.
5.   The selection of Demo Schools should be completed before  20.03.2017.

The teachers working in these schools will undergo training at district level in June 2017.

Note:-             The following MEOs should not select the following schools again, because the following 4 Schools have been selected for Divisional Demo Schools.
Name of the Mandal
Name of the Demo School
MPPS  Adavitakkelapadu
MPPS  Daida (SC)
Mpl Elementary School, Gandhi Nagar
MPPS LE Govinda Puram

Sd/- A.Ramesh Kumar
Project Officer, Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan,Guntur.

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