AP TEACHERS INFO Rc No. 26 Appointment of subject teacher experts of State level Assessment Cell and District level DCEB AP TEACHERS INFO

                 AP TEACHERS INFO       All the District Educational Officers and Regional Joint Directors of School Education in the State are informed that vide reference 1st cited above that the I Assessment Cell is established in SCERT. The basic purpose of the Assessment Cell is to assess, analyze and disseminate the performance of students on a regular basis. The cell will build the capacity of SCERT, DCEBs and relevant stakeholders to develop high quality assessment tools and test items in order to diagnose the learning gaps of students studying in different classes. Based on the diagnosis, intervention strategies covering various aspects like improved teacher training, curriculum revisions, school leadership programs, school standards etc. will be designed and implemented.
                       It is further informed that the Government has permitted to appoint 10 subject experts and assessment experts in the Assessment Cell of SCERT and 3 subject experts in the DCEB of each district. The subject experts will be appointed internally from the School Education Department. The interested teachers with prescribed qualifications may apply online on the Commissionerate of School Education/SCERT/APeKX website. The candidates who have applied for the post of subject experts will need to attend an online test and interview in-person in Vijayawada.
                     Therefore, all the DEOs and RJDSEs are instructed to issue proceedings to all the schools/DIETs/IASEs and give wide publicity through display in the notice board of their offices and schools/colleges. A press brief may also be given in the local newspapers to create awareness and attract applications.
The District Educational Officers in the State should verify and forward the application printout submitted by the candidates.The detailsrelating to the Assessment cell and application guidelines and procedures can be viewed at Commissionerate/SCERT/APeKX website from 15.3.17

                     The dossier of selection procedure for the appointment of Subject Experts of
Assessment Cell both at State and District Level.
Government of Andhra Pradesh through Memo No. 420155/Prog.2Il/Al/2016, dt.3-2-2017 has permitted to establish Assessment Cell in SCERT, Andhra Pradesh with the support of external partners i.e., Central Square Foundation (CSF), Centre for Science of Student Learning (CSSL) and Samagra.
Andhra Pradesh seeks to establish a forward-looking, reform-oriented Assessment cell. The Assessment cell will have a team of highly motivated and qualified staff who will be trained in specialized skills in assessments and learning research to drive the entire reform process. This will make Andhra Pradesh a role model in the country with best-in-class, in-house assessment capacity that enables the highest quality standards of education. Accordingly, an MoU has been signed with all the external partners mentioned above for their support in Andhra's vision. 


I.    Goals and objectives of the Assessment Cell are:

1.    To provide an extremely clear picture of learning in Andhra Pradesh through robust and diagnostic as achievement surveys.
2.    To conduct high quality learning assessment for all students in different subject areas
3.    To develop high end expertise in the field of assessments and learning research
4.    To build long term system and institutional capacity through an assessment cell comprising personnel who will be professionally developed for enhancing the quality of all the activities currently undertaken by the evaluation wing
5.    To strengthen the capacities of the evaluation wing for a smooth roll out of all learning assessments being planned and conducted at state level
6.    To strengthen the methodology in designing the assessment tools (test papers and background questionnaires) so that data is amenable for actionable insights
7.    To strengthen data analysis to derive actionable insights, which will be inputs for teacher training and pedagogy
8.    To communicate and educate teachers and administrators on the quality of learning
9.    To improve report dissemination, all the ways to school, so that the interventions arc effectively executed in the class rooms
10.    To track the effectiveness of the Assessment Cell over time in improving the learning outcomes.

 11. To improve the usage of technology in the work flow of the Assessment Cell and leveraging the data from the assessment

Important Note:  

  • •    The selected candidates must have the willingness and be able to study online courses independently related to assessment frameworks, test administration practices and measurement and testing as designed by CSSL [partner]

  • •    Final decision on selection of State Level Assessment cell members will be taken by a Steering Committee composed of Principal Secretary, Commissioner DSE, SSA SPD, Director SCERT and representatives from external partners

  • •    All selected candidates only at the State Level Assessment cell, will undertake a 3-ycar, Large Scale Assessment Certification course program, consisting of 13 course papers and a final cap-stone project as administered by CSSL.

  • •    Final selection of District level (DCEB) staff rests with the Department of School Education. DCEB members will only be trained in test administration and post analysis workshop module.AP TEACHERS INFO

 VI. Selection Procedure:

The staff at the state and DCEB shall be selected and appointed to the Assessment cell for a period of at least 3 years. The State Level Assessment cell will be housed at SCERT, Ibrahimpatnam, Andhra Pradesh. All candidates will go through the same selection procedure as below. Interested candidates have to apply online only. 

  • Application portal is open in CSE official Website from 15 .3 .17
  • One set of print out copy along with enclosures should be verified and submitted through DEO to the Director, SCERT, A.P., Ibrahimpatnam, Vijayawada.
    Candidates have to opt if they want to apply for State level or DCEB in their application form 
  • All of the applied candidates have to take a preliminary online examination through identified centers at the District levels- this exam will be administered by SCER T in joint cooperation with partners, Samagra and CSSL. 
  • The screened applicants will be tested with a recruitment test provided by CSSL to check their General ability, Language, Math and English ability as per the selected role. The candidates will also be given a role based assignment to complete and will be graded accordingly 
  • The final candidates will be selected through a face to face interview with CSSL and Samagra, which will be conducted in Ibrahimpatnam, Andhra Pradesh
    Approval for selection of the State Level Assessment Cellmembers' rests with the Steering Committee and those for DCEB rests with the Department of School Education
  • The selected candidates must declare their willingness to complete the course materials and relevant assignments on-time, in a quality manner and contribute actively to the reform­oriented process- the same will have to be indicated in an online form

VII. Syllabus for the online exam

The syllabus for the online exam will be published on the application portal m Commissionerate/SCERT/APeKX website from 15.3.17 onwards.

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