SCERT Andhra Pradesh - Calendar Activities - Improving Learning Levels of the Students - Implementation of Remedial Teaching from class I - V from 28-3-2017 to 22-4-2017- Orders-Issued·

                     Department of School Education endeavor to provide Quality Education for all children. You aware that along with the regular assessments such as F As, SAs the state has also conducted surveys such as 3Rs assessment as a part of implementing PEMANDU lab initiatives as mentioned i11 the references 4 and 5 read above.
In addition to this SLAS, and other Assessment surveys were also conducted in Andhra Pradesh. The data of students performance marks is being uploaded to Student Academic Monitoring System (SAMS). Analysis of the SAMS data shows that a large number of students do not have minimum academic standards of their respective classes.
                      In the above contcdt it is proposed to provide Remedial Teaching for B, C grade students from classes 11-V. The main objective of Remedial Teaching is to enhance the achievement levels of students who are lagging behind iu their Academic Standards related to their class specific age.
Remedial Teaching is a 200 hours programme which will be completed in 100 working days. This will be implemented in two spells for three subjects i.e., Telugu, English and Mathematics.
                     SCERT has developed Teacher Handbooks and Student Workbooks for the conduct of Remedial Teaching in all the Schools from class II to V. Printing and supply of the Teacher Handbooks and Student Workbooks is under process with the support of SSA. One set of Teacher Handbooks will be supplied to all Government Schools by 25-3-2017. Meanwhile soft copies of Remedial Teaching Material will be supplied to all the District Educational Officers, and they are informed to place the Remedial Teaching Material in their respective district websites ensure downloading by the schools and utilized.  

                       It is further informed that detailed guidelines given here under. 

  • Complete the evaluation work of SA III examination and prepare the required TLM for remediation programme which is to be conducted from 29.03.2017.
  •  Remedial teaching is mainly for B, C, and grade students of all classes. At the same time assign some additional activities to A grade students to uplift their status.
  • In the remedial package there arc 2 lcvels of books, LI for 1& 2 classes. L2 for 3, 4 & 5 classes. for 3 subjects i.e. Telugu, a English and Mathematics.
  • For all student workbooks of 2 levels and 3 subjects, there arc teacher handbooks, which will give detailed instructions on how to Conduct remediation activities. Each activity is given detailed instructions and they teacher friendly.
  •  During summer holidays the following schedule is to be followed.
  • Session-I: Telugu (8.00 AM TO 9.30 AM)
  •  Session-2: Mathematics (9.30 to I 1 .30 AM) 
  • Session-3: English (I 1.15 to 12.30 PM) 
  • One set of Teacher hand books will be supplied to all schools and student work books for all the students who were identified for remediation as per 3Rs Assessment result.
  • After reopening of schools during class readiness programme also continue the Remediation programme.
  • After readiness programme follow Remediation for 2 hours every day for all B, C grade students as per the proceedings given from this office earlier.
  •  If there is any delay in supply of Remedial books please make use of soft copies which arc already available in DEOs Emails, APSCERT website and also APeKX portal.
  •  We are planning to organize one Tele-conference also for all the Primary Teachers on 23rd and 24th March 2017 from 1.00 PM to 5.00 PM.
  • Remedial activities were designed in such a way to improve the Academic standards of B,C Grade children in an interesting way. So let's make better use of Remedial books for improving the standards of our children.
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