AP TEACHERS INFO Lr to District Officers on Swachha Sakthi Saptha 2017 instructions on International Women’s Day celebrations 2017 AP TEACHERS INFO


Lr. Rc. No. AEE6/234/IEC/2004,                                          Dated. 01.03.2017

Sub:     SBM(G) – International Women’s Day celebrations 2017 – MoDWS, GOI, New Delhi decided as “Swachh Shakti Saptah” from 01.03.2017 to  08.03.2017 across the county – Instructions issued for conducting the activities during the week – Further course of action – Requested – Reg.

Ref:-    1. Memo No.AEE2/DEE/SWSM/IEC/2016, Dt.27.02.2017 of the Project Director, SWSM & Chief Engineer-III, RWS&S, Vijayawada.
          2. No.AR/OSD/08/2017, Dt.16.02.2017 of MoDWS, New Delhi.
3. Note orders of the District Collector and Chairman, DWSC, Guntur, Dt.28.02.2017.
It is to inform that Government of India decided to observe a week long campaign “Swachh Shakti Saptah” from 01.03.2017 to 08.03.2017 across the county on the occasion of International Women’s Day on 08.03.2017.
While enclosing the annexure containing the daily activities to be taken up during the week the officers listed in the address entry are requested to see that the activity proposed as in coloumn no.2 is fulfilled in all respects duly involving the participants prescribed as in coloumn no.3 and make the event a success.
The MPDOs and Tahasildars are requested to carry out the daily activities herewith annexed without fail duly involving the prescribed participants as mentioned against the activity to be performed and further requested to mobilize women sarpanches who are interested to attend the exposure visit planned on 07.03.2017. Further, as per the instructions received from GOI, the sarpanches pertaining to the GPs that achieved ODF status would share their experiences and participate in the grand function going to be celebrated at District Level in Guntur on 08.03.2017 from 2.00PM onwards. As such, MPDOs and Tahasildars are requested to communicate this message to sarpanches and see that they attend function on 08.03.2017.
Further, the DEO, Guntur is requested to instruct all the MEOs and head masters of ZP High Schools to conduct certain competitions, such as Elocution and Essay writing in all the ZP High Schools for girl students on "sanitation"- covering the aspects of environmental pollution, IHHLs, village sanitation, personal hygiene, hand wash, steps to be taken to makeup the village to ODF status and to present the prizes to the winners (which will be supplied by DWSC) either by the MPDO/ Head Master. In addition to the above, arrangements for conducting group discussions among the students on importance of sanitation in schools / colleges / villages etc., and usage of toilets and hand wash on 05.03.2017 & 06.03.2017 may be made so as to inculcate the concept of “Swachha Bharath Gramin” in the students.                                               
Further, while sending the list containing the details of the sarpanches who strived hard to achieve ODF to their GP, the DPO, Guntur is requested to mobilize all the 156 sarpanches to participate in the grand function going to be celebrated on 08.03.2017 at district level on the eve of “International Women’s Day” .And also requested to send the nominations by 03.03.2017 of all the interested women sarpanches who are interested to participate in the exposure visit planned on 07.03.2017 to the DWSC, Guntur for making necessary arrangements.
Further, the DRO, CEO, DPO, DM&HO, PD-DRDA, PD-DWMA, PD-DW&CDA, DEO, PO-RVM, SE-RWS&S, SE-PR and PD-Housing are requested to send 10 women nominations per each department who have rendered excellent services to achieve ODF to 301 villages in the Guntur District for awarding them on the eve of “International Women’s Day” on 08.03.2017 by 04.03.2017 in the prescribed proforma herewith annexed to honor the awardees.
Further, the heads of the departments are requested to participate and mobilize the following participants pertaining to their departments to participate in the grand function going to be celebrated in Guntur at district level on 08.03.2017.
DRO                                                                           All Tahasildars            =          57
CEO, ZPP                                                                   All MPDOs                 =          57
PD, DRDA                                                                 APMs & ACs              =          67
PD, DWMA                                                                APOs & APDs            =          67
PD, DW&CDA                                                           ICDS Supervisor        =          25
District Officers                                                      All line departments       =          12
RWS&S                                                                EEs,DEEs and AE/AEEs =          72
DPO                                                                      Sarpanches (mentioned)    =          156
DEO                                                                               MEOs                       =          57
Awardees                                                             (different departments)      =          120
                                                                                                 Total              =          690
          Encl:   1. Day wise activity sheet
                      2. List of sarpanches whose GP
attained the status of ODF (156)
                      3. Proforma for nominations
10 Nos. per department (to honor)
                      4. Proforma for nominations to
                         exposure visit.

Yours faithfully
Sd/- P.B.V.Prasad
For District Collector and Chairman,
DWSC, Guntur

Swachha Sakthi Saptha 2017 instructions

Annexure to Letter for Swachha  Sakthi Saptha.xlsx

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