1.Employees are Permitted to surrender EL when they are either on duty or actually on EL and the interval between one surrender and another should be 12 months for surrender not exceeding 15 days and 24 months for surrender not exceeding 30 days.
2. An employee can avail 30 days of surrender if he had not availed the same in the previous year
3. Application for surrender of EL can be made on or before the due date of surrender.Application received within a month from the the due date shall also be allowed.The date of surrender shall be indicated in the application for surrender of EL.
4.EL may be allowed to be surrendered by Government servants while they are other kind of leave also ,Except on EOL without allowance without medical certificate or on unearned leave on private affairs.
5.The Government employee can avail the encashment of Surrender Leave after one year from the date of last surrender ( annual cycle) or after the due date, on the date of his choice. The main criteria is that there should be an interval of one year between two encashment.
6. The total number of days of earned leave availed and the earned leave surrendered shall not exceed the maximum earned leave admissible to government servants.
7.Government servants appointed either under the emergency provision or on regular basis shall be eligible to surrender 15 days of EL only after completion of 12 months continuous service; for surrender of 30 days of EL only after completion of 24 months of continuous service.

Note : No deductions will be made in surrender leave salary

Temporary Government servants are eligible to surrender 15 days of EL after completing 24 months of service The employees are permitted to en cash 300 days of E.L. at the time of superannuation or by death and has been enhanced to, from 240 to 300 days w.e.f. 16.09.05. 

Surrender of Earned Leave Introduced from G.O.Ms.No.238 dt:13-8-69 Earn Leaves ( EL ) Sanction Every year 6 days Only. Who were worked in Holidays Sanction as per Ratio Calculate below formula. Summer ELs Caliculation if vacation 49days how to Calculate Holidays working days formula.

EL's Formula : 

(365x1)/11-(27x No.of days availed/Total No.of days vacation)-6 

No.of dys working - Eligible ELs

1-1 ,2-1, 3-2, 4-2, 5-3, 6-3, 7-4, 8-5, 9-5, 10-6,11–6, 

12 –7,13–7, 14–8, 15–8, 16 –9, 17–9,18–10, 19 –11, 
20 –11, 21-12, 22-12, 23-13,24-13, 25-14, 26-15, 
27-15, 28-16, 29-16, 30-17, 31-17,32-18, 33-18, 
34-19,35-19, 36-20, 37-21, 38-21, 39-22, 40-22, 
41-23,42-23, 43,44,45,46,47,48,49 - 24 days 

Cir. Memo. No. 14781-C/278/FR.I/2011 Dated:22-6-2011
Sub: E.L. – Surrender of Earned Leave - Encashment during the financial year
2011-2012 onwards – Instructions – Issued.
Ref: 1.Cir. Memo. No. 10472/C199/FR.I/2009, dt. 29-4-2009, Finance (FR.I) Dept.
2. Cir.Memo.No.15744-C/324/FR.I/2010, dt.15-6-2010 Finance (FR,I) Dept.

In the reference 1st cited, instructions have been issued dispensing with the fixing of
calendar for surrender leave/encashment of E.L. It is also ordered therein that the instructions
contained in Cir. Memo. No. 50798/1063/FR.I/79-1, Fin. (FR.I) Dept., dt. 22-11-1979 shall
also be followed during the financial year 2010-2011 i.e., in the case of employees who
surrendered E.L. as on 1st January or 1st July in any year, the number of days of E.L. so
surrendered should, in the first instance, be deducted from the E.L. account and thereafter the
advance credit of EL as per eligibility due for that half year be added as on 1st January/1st
July of the respective year.
In para 4 of the Cir. Memo. 1st cited, . it is ordered that :-
a) The calendar for surrender of Earned Leave is dispensed with w.e.f. 1-4-2009 and
employees are permitted to surrender earned leave at any time not exceeding 15/30
days within a block period of one/two financial years w.e.f. 1-4-2009. All other
conditions prevailing before 1-4-1989 and other amendments issued on the subject till
now will hold good.
b) Government permit the employees who have a balance of more than 285 days of E.L.
as on 30th June, 2009 to surrender E.L. without waiting for completion of 12 months.
The above instructions shall also continue from the financial year 2011-2012 onwards
for encashment of 15 days of E.L. by Government employees provided if there is 12 months
gap for one surrender to another surrender in one financial year, and 30 days if there is gap of
24 months for two financial years. The gap of 12/24 months shall be worked out from the 1st
day of leave surrendered last time to the 1st day of leave proposed for surrender now.
In respect of the employees who are having 286 days and above of E.L. to their credit
as on 30th June of every year, they are permitted to surrender without following the gap of 12
The above orders will be applicable for every year i.e., no orders need be issued every
year for encashment of earned leave, until further orders changing the above policy are issued
by the Government.
The Departments of Secretariat/Heads of departments are requested to keep these
instructions in view while sanctioning the surrender of earned leave for purpose of
encashment from the Financial Year 2011-2012 onwards.
All the Treasury Officers/State audit authorities, Pay and Accounts Office, Hyderabad
and Deputy Financial Advisor, Projects/Directors of Accounts of Major Projects are
requested to follow these instructions scrupulously while dealing with the bills for
encashment of earned leave from the Financial Year 2011-2012 onwards.


Rc.No.362/E1-1/2013 Dated: 16-11-2013
Sub:- School Education – Drafting of teaching staff during summer vacation for
Election duty/ enumeration censes / Training etc., Mission Mode Project in
School Education – Orders Issued -Reg.

All the District Educational Officer in the State are informed that, the teachers
Association are frequently requesting to issue calefactory instructions to all the District
Educational Officers with regard to preservation of Earn Leave to teachers and other
employees working in schools as all the Deputy Educational Officers and MEOs are not
following uniform procedure. Therefore, the instructions are hereby reiterated in connection
with prevention from availment of summer vacation and preservation of E.L.
1 The teaching and non-teaching staff working in the schools / Educational Institutions
who have availed the vacation / summer vacation, 6 days of E.L. in two spells i.e.
three (3) days from 1st January to 30th June, and three (3) days from 1st July to 31st
December in a calendar year may be credited to their leave account as per
G.O.Ms.No.317, Education (Ser.V) Dept., dated 15.09.1994.

2 Prevention may be accorded during vacation including summer vacation as per the
need and necessity and exigencies of work viz., examination related work / training

3 Regarding prevention of the staff to prevent the following staff from the Educational
Institutions. – (1) Headmaster, (2) Junior Assistant / Record Assistant, and (3) Office
subordinate. If there is no Junior Assistant / Record Assistant, Seniormost teacher may
be prevented from availing of summer vacation, in any case the prevented staff should
not exceed three (3) persons.

4 Any prevention of teaching / non-teaching staff during the vacation / summer vacation
should be by a general or special / specific order of higher authority / competent

5 Ruling 15 under FR 82 is that “If a Government servant of the vacation department
does duties during vacation and separately remunerated therefore, he should not be
considered as having been deprived of vacation.” However, the teaching and nonteaching
who are prevented from availing vacation / summer vacation for attending
the duties such as preparation / revision of electoral rolls, enumeration, census and
received remuneration shall not be treated as remuneration in terms of G.O.Ms.No.35,
Edn., dated 16.01.1981 and G.O.Ms.No.355, GAD, dated 19.05.1991.

6 Regarding remuneration paid in connection with attending the examination work viz.,
spot valuation and instant examinations, receipt of TA and DA during training
programmes shall be treated as remuneration and does not comes under prevention

7 The Number of days of prevention/summer vacation shall be considered to have
foregone vacation is the one that actually spent in attending to the duties assigned in
terms of G.O.Ms.No.114, Finance, dated 28.04.2005.

8 In any case the total number of E.Ls. accrued by virtue of prevention of
vacation/summer vacation shall not exceed 30 days (inclusive of 6 days)
Therefore, all the District Educational Officer in the state are requested to take
necessary action in the matter.
This has the approval of the Commissioner and Director of School Education, Andhra
Pradesh, Hyderabad.
Sd/- P.V.Srihari
For Commissioner and Director

of School Education
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