Special Disability Leave Rules for teachers & Employees

Special Disability Leave Rules for AP Teachers & Employees

1. Concept: Leave granted to a Govt. Servant who is disabled/injured or met with road accidents while on duty

2. Authority: FR 83, 83A

3. Eligibility: Temp. / Permanent Employees

4. Period: Upto 24 months

5. Availment : 1.On producing MC ( Medical Certificate)

6. For Gazetted- Medical Board

7. i) NGOs - Civil Surgeon
    ii) If it is below 2 months all – Govt.Medical Officer as per (G.O.Ms.No.40, Fin.,Dt.03.06.61)

8. Availed in combination with other leave

9. Disability - manifested itself within 3 months of occurrence

10. Effect: Counts for increment, pension No debit of any leave.

11. Leave Salary: For Permanent
      i) upto 180 days – on full pay
     ii) after 180 days- on half pay

12. For temporary    i) upto 30 days – on full pay
  ii) after 30 days- on half pay

13. Sanctioning Authority: Govt. Only

14. For Police Personnel Upto 12 months – DGP (G.O.Ms.No.232, Home, Dt.22.08.98)

15. Limitations:
 i) The period shall not exceed 24 months
ii) Not admissible for road accidents while going to office from residence and vice versa.
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