AP Teachers  Abroad Leave for AP Teachers Employees Andhra Pradesh Govt Employees Abroad Leave to visit other country or work in other country out of India AP Govt servants abroad leave abroad leave grant in EOL Abroad Leave maximum time to availment Abroad Leave for AP Teachers Employees

Abroad Leave for AP  Teachers Employees

1. Concept: Leave granted to Govt. servant who desires to work at abroad

2. Period: Not exceeding 5 years

3. Authority:1.G.O.Ms.No.214,F&P(FW.FRI), Dt.03.09.96 (ii) 2.U.O.Note No.13127-A/113/FR I/98, Fin Dept.,Dt.10.05.98.

4. Admissibility: Permanent employees

5. Availment: Upto 5 years in entire service in single stretch or in different spells (G.O.Ms.No.756,Fin(FR.I),Dt.07.08.02)

6. Effect: Treated as EOL Not counted for increment/pension Counted for pension if the foreign employer pays pension contribution

7. Leave salary: No salary
8. Sanctioning authority: Govt. Only

Leave for Employment in Abroad - Abroad Leave for AP Teachers Employees
Conditions for grant of EOL 5 years for employment in abroad.

1. Any category of employees Technical &Non-Technical employees are eligible. 
2. After receipt of appointment letter from employer than only leave can be sanctioned.
3. Leave cannot be sanctioned for searching the job in abroad
4. If the Govt. employee services are need in emergency circumstances, HOD can reject the leave.
5. Vol.Retd. & Resignation is not necessary for working in abroad. This period is not treated as service break.
6. If not joined after completion of leave, that can be treated as cease the employment.
7. After completion of employment in abroad ,the employee should not demand excesses salary.
8. Only one time in entire service.
9. Permission must be obtained before joining.
10. peace-mile leave also be sanctioned.
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