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  AP TEACHERS INFO Child Care Leave  GO 132 , Child Care Leave Application & Complete Information

60 Days Child Care Leave to AP Women Employees Rules go 132.

Read the following:
1. Representation of the Andhra Pradesh Non-Gazetted Officer’s Association Dated, Nil.
2. Representation of the Andhra Pradesh Secretariat Association dated, Nil.


In the references read above, the Associations requested for sanction of the Child Care leave to all women employees. 

` 2. The recommendations of the Tenth Pay Revision Commission in this regard are extracted below: 
The Commission considers the demand to be reasonable and recommends sanction of Child Care Leave of up to 2 years to all women employees in the entire service career, to look after 2 eldest children up to the age of 18 years. 

3. Government after careful consideration hereby order that the women employees be permitted to avail child care leave for two months viz., sixty days in the entire service to take care of the minor child for rearing or for looking after any other needs of the child during school or college examinations, sickness etc., subject to the following conditions: 
a) Child Care leave of two months can be sanctioned in not less than 3 spells to look after two children up to the age of 18 years and with disabled children up to 22 years. The Child Care leave would be permitted only if the child is dependent on the Government servant. 
b) LTC cannot be availed during the Child Care Leave as the leave is granted for the specific purpose of taking care of the minor child for rearing or for looking after any other needs of the child during examination, sickness etc. 
c) The leave account for child care shall be maintained in the prescribed proforma enclosed and it shall be kept along with the Service Book of the  Government servant concerned. The leave shall be deducted from the Child care leave account.
d) Child Care leave shall not be debited against the leave account viz.,Earned Leave, Half Pay leave
e) The Head of the office shall ensure that the availment of Child Care leave to an employee will not affect the functioning of the office for which necessary orders depending upon the circumstances of the office may be issued.
f) Child Care leave cannot be demanded as a matter of right. It requires the prior proper approval of the leave sanctioning authority.
g) The leave is to be treated like Earned Leave and sanctioned as such
h) The Child Care Leave may be sanctioned in continuation with maternity leave or any other leave other than Casual Leave and Special Casual Leave.
i) The Child Care leave can be sanctioned during period of probation also. However, the period of probation shall be extended to that extent.
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